Cindy is trained in Mind Based Stress Relief (MBSR) and Mindfulness & Meditation. She loves connecting and being with people and has spent her adult life working with all types of people, mostly in the health & travel industries. She is 28 years married with 2 x adult children.

“I am very curious about life, and as such I am always learning and evolving. In my 20’s I explored diet in relation to health, in my 30’s fitness, and in my 40’s I discovered mindfulness and realised the power it has to link all elements of mind and body and to include a layer of basic spirituality into life.

I love seeing people thrive, and this is why I coach awareness; in people’s private lives as well as in their professional lives. I believe we can all be leaders, regardless of our position in life. It is about having a sense of inner guidance, compassion for others and a willingness to serve.

I work with people to create space for them to choose how they perceive situations before responding, the ultimate opportunity to be free of personal suffering – freedom!”

Officially – I am trained in Mind Based Stress Relief (MBSR), Mindfulness & Meditation, as well as having extensive training in my past for Sales (Dale Carnegie) and Marketing (DPMS).

Unofficially, I am trained in the ways of life:


Children – 2 x adult children, both work full-time in leadership roles

Married – 28 years to the man that I still love and work with

Parents – have been married for over 50 years, living close by and still happily doing their thing.

Mentor – Ongoing learning and growth with my business/personal mentor

Business – Owned businesses & held senior leadership roles in other businesses

Friends – have a large circle, including some friends that I have known most my life.

Having lived for 50 years, I have accumulated a lot of “life experience”. Formally my experience in the wellness space includes co-hosting wellness retreats, coaching and training business owners/leaders, their teams, as well as individual clients in ERT practices which include leadership, working with teams, knowing what makes people tick, vision and goals, conflict management, and stress management, as well as teaching mindful meditation (groups and individuals). I also spent 6 years working in the gym industry which gave me a huge insight into people’s behaviour, motivations, physical and mental fitness journeys. My 5 years in travel also gave me a deeper insight into people’s behaviour.

Informally – my life journey has taught me a lot. I am one of 3 children, and now have raised 2 children of my own. I can honestly say that I love life. It is not without challenges, however the ups outweigh the downs for me. Early on I began to realise that not everyone sees the world this way, and found myself very curious to understand why. Through my journeys, mixing with many different people, I found that this space does not depend on external circumstances, it comes from within.

The gym industry re-inforced my belief in the benefits of physical fitness, however I saw people with great physical fitness, good diets, and strong discipline in this space, that still suffered with their mental health. The travel industry gave me a different insight into people’s needs – time out to re-charge, things to look forward to, and ways to broaden their life experiences.

Then I discovered mindfulness and the power it has to shift perspective on one’s current circumstances. This put together all the elements of mind, body and spirit, and has lead to my continued interest and learning about the workings of the mind, the interplay between the mind and the physical body, the amazing benefits of correct breathing, plus learning about and embracing the spiritual side of life. When we can bring all of those elements into play we create balance, mental toughness (resilience) and happiness, and this allows us to thrive.

I love being there for others, listening to their stories, sharing the information (that I am continuing to learn) with others searching for answers, and witnessing their growth. I look for and create unique opportunities to do this, and my door is always open to talk with and collaborate with like minded people in this space.