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Its all about Mind Based Stress Relief, Mindfulness & Meditation

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Cindy Steer

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Cindy is trained in Mind Based Stress Relief (MBSR) and Mindfulness & Meditation.
She loves connecting and being with people and has spent her adult life working with all types of people, mostly in the health & travel industries. She is 28 years married with 2 x adult children.

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What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a skill that can be learnt, which can then become a way of living.

“If I could describe mindfulness in one word I would say connection”.
– Cindy Steer, Director

It is a way of living that encourages us to focus awareness on our inner world (internal connection) which then provides energy, confidence and clarity of mind for connection in our external world. Learning this skill can actually allow busy people to gain time.

What is meditation?

Meditation is the formal process of mindfulness. It is a form of brain training that actually makes beneficial physiological changes to the structure and functionality of the brain.

Science has proven that the greatest prediction of happiness and longevity of life is connection with others (friends and family). Our intention in teaching the skill of meditation is not to make you a great meditator, or to quiet your mind, but rather to assist you to live a mindful way of life that encourages healthy connections with self and others.