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Mindset Coaching & Training

We are all about YOU – understanding and working with human emotions! We coach, train and facilitate growth and change in this space for individuals, business owners, management teams, couples, & families.


We offer tailored and structured programs for business and personal applications

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We look forward to welcoming you into our studio space, complete with a professional massage therapist bed, which we use for individual appointments for relaxing and meditating…


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Cindy Steer

Cindy Steer
Cindy is trained in Mind Based Stress Relief (MBSR) and Mindfulness & Meditation.
Cindy loves connecting and being with people and has spent her adult life working with all types of people, mostly in the health & travel industries. She is 28 years married with 2 x adult children.

ERT Testimonials

Hear from Maidi

In terms of my professional life, Cindy has helped me to reason with difficult customers. Specifically, Cindy has helped me see that some things are out of my control and I can now find ways to process and be ok with that. In terms of my personal life, Cindy has helped calm my mood. I have learnt the thought processing I need so I can deal with anger better. Specifically by taking a step back to process my thoughts before reacting. Having someone outside of family and friends to talk things through on a regular basis has made such a difference.

Connor – Weekly one-on-one attendee

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